Miguel’s ‘War & Leisure’

Miguel is gifted. Miguel is original. Miguel always puts his own spin on R&B, Funk and Soul which music lovers hungry for more. It’s going to take a few more listens for me to determine if this will be placed in the best albums of 2017 but is definitely a great album. Miguel is the kind of artist in my options that leaves himself across different templates of music.

Miguel has produced unforgettable singles which I feel as though has shown us multiple sides of his musical palette. Following ‘Wildheart’ which I wasn’t a fan of at all; I think ‘War and Leisure’ has some breakout singles such as ‘Sky Walker’ fearing Travis Scott, ‘Shockandawe,’ ‘Told You So,’ ‘Now’ and ‘Pineapple Skies’ and each song pulled me into the album and had me preordering my copies.

Listening to this album I hear Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Hendrix all in one singing out loudly and to my soul. It’s like an erotic overdose of music which I enjoy very much so. This is an album that will be played multiple times and with each listens will speak to you differently. I have a feeling that ‘War and Leisure’ will make his fan very happy and will also bring a lot of new listeners. Miguel is a savvy writer and that is what separates him from other artists.

In my opinion ‘War and Leisure’ is a great album. Everybody should give it a couple listens because it’s most definitely a mood changer. If you’re looking for an album that you can work out too, clean the house, have long drives and etc this is the album. I would rate this album a 4 out of 5 stars. I’m excited and proud of Miguel and I’m also ready for his tour.

– SmileySidney.



Solange – Don’t You Wait — From her 4th solo album entitled ‘A Seat At The Table’ this has to be one of my favorite songs from the album. Solange, isn’t your average artist she’s unique, eclectic and cool. Her music is always inviting and blissful. ‘Don’t You Wait’ is one of those songs that has an amazing beat and tempe plus some amazing lyrics. Click the link I bet you’ll love the song as much as I do. And, if you like the song go ahead and check the album out as well.

– Smiley

Missy Elliot Deserves The Vangaurd Award

Missy Elliot is a rapper, songwriter, dancer, producer, and survivor. Notable work includes, “Get You Freak On”, “Work It”, “Gossip Folk, and “One Minute Man.”

Melissa Arnette “Missy” Elliot, often known professionally as Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot aka Supa Dupa Fly was always ahead of her time. She pushed boundaries like no other.

Missy not being awarded the Vanguard Award is a complete backhand slap to the face. This award is given to celebrities who have successfully illustrate dynamic creativity, within music visuals, within in the entertainment industry. Missy has been doing this for a long time and she always sets the bar tremendously high. With Missy’s out of the box creativity, she should’ve been awarded this award in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I like P!NK and I think her artistry is amazing. I just don’t think that she should’ve been awarded this before Missy. Missy has her own style and she has been setting and breaking trends since the late 90s and early 2000s, and still to this day. Gender norms, couldn’t even enclose her because of how comfortable and carefree she is it makes her a Legend in my eyes and ears. It’s so many reasons why Missy should’ve been awarded this award.


Ten Reasons Why

  1. She directs her videos.
  2. 15 Music Videos Awards.
  3. 20 years in the game and counting.
  4. Six Grammys under her belt.
  5. Her video concepts, her cynical imaginative videos concepts are crazy good.
  6. She is ahead of her peers in the music industry.
  7. Her choreography is sickening.
  8. Music is still being sampled.
  9. She is a one of a kind artist.
  10. She S-L-A-Y-S!

These are just my opinions on why I think Missy should’ve been awarded the Vanguard Award. Maybe next year MTV will do the appropriate thing and award the Queen her honorable award.

– Smiley Sidney


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